Poolife® Non-Chlorine Oxidizer

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Clear cloudy pool water and get back to swimming in just 15 minutes! Over time, swimmers and environmental elements can contaminate your pool water with a variety of organic molecules. Treating your pool water with Non-Chlorine Oxidizer prevents these contaminants from accumulating and leading to problems like unwanted tastes and odors, eye irritation and cloudy pool water.

  • Don’t let cloudy water get in the way—Poolife® Non-Chlorine Oxidizer clears pool water fast so you can resume swimming in 15 minutes
  • Powerful formula prevents and treats organic contaminants that build up over time from swimmers and the elements
  • Puts a stop to unwanted tastes, odors and eye irritation for more comfortable swimming
  • Does not contain chlorine and is NOT a pool disinfectant—regular use of a pool water sanitizer is required
  • For best results, test and balance your pool water then follow the easy step-by-step, on-pack instructions to shock treat weekly
  • Active ingredient: Potassium Monopersulfate

Available size(s): 1lb, 12 x 1 lb.